Some Statements About the Book

Book One - Some Statements About the Book


  • I read your book and want to congratulate you on it. It is an important contribution to a very difficult and demanding field. I see that we share a great deal in common. Please accept my congratulations on an outstanding piece of scholarship. I hope your pioneering book is widely read and used extensively in courses on economics, biology and education.


Paul Schafer

  • Bioeconomics consists of a deep interpretation of economic knowledge with knowledge not only of our air and water but also all living things residing in it, plants, animals and humans including their thoughts and their emotions. It is through these that bioeconomic differs from, and is superior to ecological economics. Bioeconomics is more holistic and inclusive; ethical and aesthetic dimensions of the human experience are not left out. 
    The book will appeal to both, those who search for expressions of their innermost sentiments and those who search for breakthrough of new thought. I have been able to benefit from either side.

Erika Erdmann
Publisher and Editor 
Humankind Advancing

  • I started to read your book … thinking that I would read it in small doses each day but I have finished “devouring ” it and have gone back and read it again especially part three which constitutes the culmination of what appears to be one of the best scientific works which I have had the occasion to know during last few years. 
    The book deals, in my opinion, with an inspiring and inspired appeal for a new philosophy of science, of life, based on a holistic, ethical , cooperative and interdependent vision of the world and humanity.

Jose Luis Lopez Pereira
European Commission

  • To my knowledge this is the first book with the Word 'Bioeconomics' in the title and it is a welcome addition to the growing literature on the subject. Mohammadian is dissatisfied with what many people would consider mainstream(neoclassical) economics ... I am surely not alone in sympathizing with his hostility toward the kind of economics that gets pressed into service in apologetics for institutionalized greed . Exhortation to right conduct, especially in the classroom, may help and Mohammadian is quite good at that. Bioeconomics is a very interdisciplinary subject, and I am sure many readers will enjoy Mohammadian´s discussion of interdisciplinary itself. He contrasts it with multidisciplinarity. It is one thing to have a group of specialists provide the benefits of their expertise. Having them interact, and getting somebody to put it together so that the larger connections are made evident is quite another matter. Perhaps what Bioeconomics need is to become more of a discipline in its own right.

Michael T. Ghiselin.
California Academy of Sciences


  • Bioeconomics intends to contradict the prevailing dominant values of technocapitalist society with bioeconomic values based on sustainability and cooperation and not on egocentrism and competitivity. Mohammadian proposes new educative values to give a 180-degree turn to the actual global situation.


The Ecologist

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