Nature of Bioeconomics

Is the capitalist socioeconomic enterprise based on the neoclassical theory:

  • Malthusian? Demographic: Lots of people competing for Little biological

  • Darwinian? Biological: Lots of people competing for Lots of biological

  • Techno-optimist? Economic: Lots of people competing for Lots of
    manufactured resources.

  • Techno-pessimist? Economic: Few people competing for Few manufactured

  • Techno-pessimist? Bioeconomic: Few people enjoying for Sustainable

Therefore individuals compete for socioeconomic advantage: live and live better through competition for material goods & services. OR Individuals compete forbiological advantage: leave more offsprings through competition for biological resources. Therefore: The concept of competition is really a bioeconomic concept: leave more offsprings and also live a better life.

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