Epistemology of Bioeconomics

The epistemology of the holistic interdisciplinary science of bioeconomics is based on the following principles:

  • Systemic (dynamic, open, non-linear and far from equilibrium)

  • Holism : the whole is more than sum of its parts.

  • Dialectic logic vs. deductive logic. 
    The logic of bioeconomics is the logic of the included third. This is to say that it is neither only the logic of biology nor is it only the logic of economics but it is the logic that results from the conciliation of the two which is the third logic; the logic of bioeconomics. In this sense we have to evaluate the socio- economic activity not as a process of opposite tensions; for example to use / not to use resources but to conciliate their use according to the biological principles of conservation and regeneration; that is sustainable (bioeconomic) utilisation.

  • Complementarity: 
    This principle is very important in the process of socioeconomic activity because if this activity is carried out according to the bioeconomic principles such concepts as competition and cooperation (competition-cooperative model in my book), quantity and qualityegoism and altruism,anthropocentrism and biocentrism among others are complementary although at first sight they may not appear so.

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