Interdisciplinarity par excellence

Human kind is facing some crucial problems that need urgent solutions. Some of these problems such as a global warming, depletion of the ozone layer and others are new and arise at the interface of the socio-economic and biologic systems, that is they are bioeconomical. To resolve them drastic changes are required both in the theoretical foundations of the economic enterprise and in its operational style in order to adjust it to the dynamic reality of a real globalised world characterised by the continuous flow of biological resources and information. Homo sapiens is undergoing a challenging time in its biocultural history in that it has to face both the socioeconomic realities but also, and perhaps more importantly, the biospheric realities of depletion of biological resources and environmental degradation. A new style of existence has to be attained based on sustainability of economic and biological systems. Bioeconomics , Biological Economics (Mohammadian, 1980), is a paradigmatic shift in the study of these interactive problems combinig the study of biological resources, Biology, with the study of their scarcity, Economics, and endevours to clarify and resolve these complex interactive problems. The idea is developed here that through structural coupling of the human economic activity with the biogical activity a quasi-cognitive system in the form of a Bioeconomic system may be developed which would be more efficient in the production process and less wasteful in the utilisation of biological resources. The logical outcome of this idea is that human development process is really a cognitive process or as I call it ´to know is to develop`. The significance of Bioeconomics in relation to coevolution, entropy and Biospheric sustainability is discussed and its importance as a post-modern science based on interdisciplinarity and integration in developing a Bioeconomic model for a comprehensive human sustainable development is emphasised. However, to achieve this there is need to promote what I have called the ´Bioeconomic Culture` leading to a ´Bioeconomic Lifestyle` thus ensuring a sustainable society.


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