Bioeconomics: A new vision for sustainability

Mansour Mohammadian Humankind is facing some very serious problematic events that need urgent solutions otherwise their evolutionary future on this planet will be in jeopardy. These events are bioeconomical in nature and have some points in common, namely they are all complex, involve large numbers , are interactive and what is more disturbing is that they all suffer from the element of uncertainty. Therefore, in order to tackle these multi-dimensional problems a paradigmatic shift is required that would elevate research from multidisciplinarity to interdisciplinarity thus enabling identification of the many non-linear interactions between the biological and social causes of these events and also to shed light on their reliability. Biological and economical activities are among the most important human endeavours and while conservation, cooperation and coevolution are the rule in the biological world the domain of economical activity is dominated by abuse of biological resources, competition and mismanagement. Major disagreements between their proponents have been brewing for a long time but hopefully the time is propitious for their resolution through cooperation and compromise. This may be achieved by interdisciplinarity whereby the investigative powers of both foundation sciences are united in order to redesign and restructure both our biological and our economical life styles. Bioeconomics (Biological Economics) is a holistic and integrated discipline developed to achieve a synthesis between the science(s) of life and the science(s) of society. It is hoped that through this discipline many of the interactions and obscure elements of bioeconomic events will be clarified and thus proper measures for their resolution instituted.





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