The Economy of the Future: local, Social, green and in Network

Mansour Mohammadian Ph.D

The Economy of the Future: local, Social, green and in Network

The economic-financial crisis has been labeled as an event against the welfare of the people; this is true and there is no doubt about it. But the crisis, against what most people think, can also be very useful to trigger a new thought and, therefore, a new behavior to get away from the abusive consumption, the waste of biological resources and the poisoning of the Nature. Achieving this objective requires a new economic model and a new productive system of consumer goods.

However, achieving this goal is not easy due to cultural laziness in general, and the opposition of a sector of the population in particular, which has appropriated a superior attitude and position. Although it may be called the last crisis `the mother of crises' for the great economic and social damage it has caused to the majority of the world's population, it has also opened our eyes and mind, awakening us from lethargy and the inability to visualize what that could happen to Mother Earth, and therefore to the human species.

We must change the production model and the unsustainable style of life based on the mistaken belief that we can continue for a long time with an economy and a productive system of continuous growth. The crisis has warned us that this will not be possible, and that it is necessary to devise another economic model and another productive system. In short, not only is another model necessary, but it is essential. This economic model is the Economy of the Third Way: E T W of the theory of the Bioeconomics on whose principles the Economy of the Future is based.

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